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LED-Solutions for Professionals

LED-technology has applied to almost all markets. Those efficient lamps are available in building supply stores as well as in specialist shops. But in professional applications, e.g. illuminating public areas, much higher specifications have to be fulfilled. This is where the team of professionals of CLP GmbH comes into the business. Know-how and experience is the base of their work to help the customer saving money and achieving a long term top level light quality.

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A lot of Know-How around Printed Circuits Boards

Everything around PCBs is available at CLP GmbH, from purchase, supply-chain-management, assembly to trouble shooting, in case something does not work as it should. The professionals from CLP GmbH have a lot of equipment, including an own lab to prepair cross-sections, which allows them to react to customer’s demands as quick and flexible as possible.

Which service around PCBs is of interest for you?

Add-On-Service offers more

CLP GmbH cultivates the philosophy of Add-on-Service. The whole team endevours all the time to offer a “little more”. In most cases, there is no need ask for something, e.g. how to save cost in running projects, how to optimize a product. CLP GmbH will come and tell you. On top of the business, you can ask the people from CLP GmbH how to prepare good food, you will certainly receive a recipe, because they believe that the way to good business goes through the stomach of the partners.

What is the idea of the principle “Add-On-Service”?

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