LED lighting established at consumers

In recent years, LED technology has won broad acceptance on the lighting market. LED are the first choice not only in professional trade and for special applications, but also for budget products from major retailers. LED brightness is not a problem anymore. And even the cheap ‘LED light bulb’ from the food discounter’s special weekly offer gives light, which is satisfactory to a lot of consumers.

growing opportunities on the market

Does this mean the end of high-value LED solutions? Not at all. While the consumer market is dominated by pricing, light quality is crucial for professional applications.
There are major differences between LED solutions, and high-end LED lighting can be recognized over time. Light sources sufficient for single lamps in small corridors will most certainly not qualify for lighting a concert hall. For large, professional installations, it is essential to have high-quality light which remains constant on the long term. Even small differences in the color temperature of white light are visible to the human eye, which thus have to be avoided under all circumstances.

intelligent solutions have to include time as a factor

Lighting solutions are frequently subject to replacement or enlargement over time. In these cases, visible differences in light would be a huge problem. In order to prevent this, CLP GmbH offers reliable solutions.
For optimal results, choosing the right LED selection for the initial installation is mandatory. This has to be followed by ensuring identical operating conditions for all LED modules, which mostly means establishing a reliable solution for sufficient cooling of the LED semiconductors. This is not only important for the initial quality of the installation’s light, but even more for the long-term properties of the LED modules. Insufficient cooling of white LED leads to changes in color temperature over time. So, when a given installation has to be repaired or enlarged at some point, the changed white light of badly cooled LED will catch the eye immediately, when new, proper LED modules are placed next to them. This is not acceptable for high-value LED solutions.

CLP GmbH stands for long-term LED quality

Customer satisfaction is an indicator for the capabilities of the LED professionals in Pinneberg. It can only be ensured by long-term lighting quality, which can not be achieved through bulk commodity LED solutions.
Carefully choosing the right components, together with know-how during design and manufacturing, is crucial for realising high-value LED installations. Being capable of doing so, as a result of more than 15 years of experience in the field and a lot of successfully managed projects, is a major competetive advantage for the team of CLP GmbH.